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AA1 LED Light

ID: cxv613w41


AA1 LED, max output 80-100lm, moq 1000, package color box, Run time 0.5-1.5 H, weight 90g

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AA1 Torch light

ID: cxv613w41

Calex 6 LED Rechargeable Torch. Calex Torch offers Long battery life, 6 bright white long life LED, Low power consumption, Range up to 150 meters, Up to 8 hours of operation per recharge, VOLTAGE 4 V, Housing - ABS Plastic.

Emergency Light

ID: cxv613w41

Deep discharge and over charge protection, Lithium ion battery for extra long life, Warranty: 6 Months manufacturer warranty, Portable light and torch, in one, Ideal for studying and kitchen applications, Back up time : 4 Hours, Charging Time: 8 Hours, Auto ON

AA2 LED Tourch

ID: cxv613w41

High Power shock, Bright LED, Rechargable bettery, Enhanced insulation penetration, Grabbing prevention, Note: This Torch comes without disable pin function